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Located at 7932 W Sand Lake Road, Suite 307, in the Phoenicia Center adjacent to Barnes & Noble, accessed easily via The Esplanade road.

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Monday-Friday 8am-7pm | Saturday 9am-1pm

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Board Certified Endocrinology Specialist Saadia Alvi, MD treats endocrine-related conditions including diabetes and thyroid disorders. She combines conventional evidence-based and lifestyle medical approaches to provide custom-tailored health care solutions. She is a plant-based endocrinologist, and emphasizes prevention, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in her treatment of chronic conditions.

After 13 years of practice, she opened her membership-based care practice to help her patients focus on all the factors that influence health. Dr. Alvi’s customized approach to her patients’ long-term health includes a highly-personalized relationship with each individual. She works to empower her patients with the knowledge and life skills to make effective behavior changes that address the underlying causes of disease. By changing their lifestyle, her patients can achieve better health, lower health care costs and enhanced well-being.

The membership-based care model gives patients the combination of ongoing management, monitoring and multi-level treatment at an affordable monthly rate. Patients receive priority care on their schedule. This approach helps patients take better control of their endocrine health with unhurried consultations in office or via phone; member portal email or video chat; lab result reviews; medication advisement and other treatment details. Fee-for-service appointments are also available. While Vitality Endocrinology does not accept insurance, Dr. Alvi is an out-of-network provider.